As salaamu alaykum,

The programme is tailored to each individual and Hanif ensures that each programme meets the goals the client has. The programme is a great balance between theory, practical and specialist advice which aids the client throughout his process. Not only that, Hanif ensures the client is confident to carry out each exercise as well.

I liked the support Hanif gives throughout the course and how easy it is to reach him, from nutritional advice all the way up to being in regular contact with him in case you need anything. Hanif would also go and research topics if I had any questions.

I felt at ease and reassured I was working with someone who was knowledgeable and had genuine care for his client.

  • Affan (Weight-loss)


A sincere brother who gives very good assessment about your dietary habits and informs about the necessary changes that we need to make in it for a healthier lifestyle. 

Makes a very good exercise schedule based on how much time and effort we can put into.”

  • Mohammed (Weight-loss)


The kettlebell sessions allahumabarik were amazing. I benefited immensely. The brother Hanif May Allah preserve him was a great coach. He did stretches with me, as well as went through the exercises with me. Also, considering my level and how much I can lift, but also pushed me to do my complete best. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family and will share it around. 👍

  • Hamza (Weight-loss)


I did look through the gym plan and there’s a lot of good content in there…

I think the exercise selection all looks good for muscle growth, and if someone were just looking for a routine to get in shape and gym was all they were doing, it would be very good for that.

Oliver Geddes – Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 3rd Degree Blackbelt and Athlete (He’s A Monster – eBook)


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