Exercise During COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Some people enjoy running and others enjoy going for regular walks, while others won’t be seen outside without their cycle. Most people have at least one form of physical activity they enjoy enough to put regular time and money into pursuing.

Watching the big football game of the week may bring you excitement, entertainment and bragging rights for the next few weeks with the family and friends but wouldn’t you rather get your boots on and take some shots with the kids? Regular exercise can be that occasion to connect with your family, giving Umm (mother) some breathing space and chill time.

Exercise brings us together, increases good health and reduces our chances of many illnesses while strengthening the body, heart and mind. You may agree with me in what I’ve said so far which I hope you do, but then, how do you exercise and stay active during a viral pandemic?

Exercise during Covid-19 need not be to different from your regular exercise and if you’re just getting into exercise after some time, the exercise you do will only improve your quality of life. As a REPs and CIMSPA registered Instructor and Nutritional Adviser, I design plans of exercise around the needs of clients.

For £40 I will design a 7 day ‘HOME WORKOUT’ fitness plan lasting around 40 minutes with the goal of losing weight. This offer is open until the END OF MAY 2020. [Message me Here] for more information and to pay.

Below is a video I was sent regarding Covid-19, well worth watching.

How COVID-19 KILLS – Dr. Vuong (Caution – some curse words are spoken in this video).

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