You Need A Good Personal Trainer

Stop sitting around on your fitness goals and get a Personal Trainer

Once I was out of the school setting and making minimum wage holding down jobs – while I was still heading the advice of family to a degree I got myself a gym membership. But before that; I was greatly influenced by my environment. Growing up as a youth I’d sit with all the local boys since many of them were in my school or youth club. After school was a walk to the major shopping areas, bus rides to other schools and everything you can imagine impressionable young men fall into. 

At the same time I was looking for more to life which I did find in Islam later on but at that time the most I could manage when it came to my health and fitness was riding my bike once a month on the pavement like a young road man at best, attending a single martial arts class and never returning and a short sprint to catch a bus. 

The life of many men may sound similar to this, searching out answers and understanding through connections and experiences. The fitness world has an important role in our lives and serves a great purpose. For many, the gym is their chill place where they can focus on themselves, build themselves, shape their lives and go out into the world with the resolve needed to tackle the obstacles they’ve been reflecting on. 

Personal Trainers know how to use an array of fitness equipment you need for your journey – learn from the best.

I found the gym at a time where I was falling; I dropped my studies again and again, living the wild-life. My gym membership was burning a whole in my pocket because I didn’t know squat from a side lunge and I didn’t think to ask anyone. No doubt, there were Personal Trainers around and I was given an induction then told to roam free. I don’t want anyone to make that mistake!

Look at it like this; you spend £30+ a month on your gym membership, clothing, grooming so you don’t cause offence to the  other gym users. You also go out with friends to eat and chill, most likely the same friends you hit the gym with. How many of your friends have a gym programme that works and on top of that you’re all built differently thus need to work in different ways to achieve your goals. Buy a gym programme, cool – it’s low cost but better than that is the Personal Trainers time, the PT you see helping those other people that look something like a phenomenon like LL Cool J told the world.

PT’s are well versed in the effect resistance has on the body, how you can accelerate weight-loss through different styles of training and how exercise can make you feel good and look like a stunner. Fitness training, nutrition coaching and helping Men like you achieve their goals is what I do. My religion is the focal point of my life and our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave his Companions many directions and advice on how to live in a healthy manner. Working with me, we’ll surely talk about his example.

My name is Hanif of Criterion Fit, I’m a student of Personal Training and highly recommend you seek out a PT because you’ll save so much time and get to the goal you want. Paying for a PT is an investment in yourself not an extra bill to pay. If you want to live long and strong with a body that can fight off any virus, climb higher and hit that bit harder, seek a PT.

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