Saved by the Kettlebell

Kettlebells are great fitness kit that store away conveniently at home or in the office. What makes them even better is how a greater training session can come from just one bell, from cardio and endurance training to strength gains, kettlebells can help you achieve whatever your goals call for. The days where you’d find it hard to get kettlebells are long gone. You’ll find many brands, shapes and sizes in today’s kettlebell ranges. Have an affinity for Gorillas? You’ll even find kettlebells in their form, want some pink kettlebells for wifey – you’ll find them too. In this post I will direct you to some of the best kettlebells you’ll find in the United Kingdom and online depending on your budget.

How’s it going? My name is Hanif of We help Men in the UK and worldwide level up fitness and achieve the goals they set themselves. Kettlebell training is fun and challenging, we love to use Kettlebells to help clients with health issues including obesity. Check out our online kettlebell training programme with varied amounts of sessions per week depending on your goals; get into the best shape of your life and kick into hyperdrive for 2022.

Blk Box

The first brand of kettlebells we’ll look at are from Blk Box Fitness, straight out of Newtownabbey, Ireland. This brand is bubbling like Irish Stew on Instagram which is where I believe I first found them during the lockdown. I was looking for kettlebells before I popped a blood vessel at home and they had some in stock, “swoosh.” BB is doing a lot, they have all you need for a home gym and they kit out team gyms (football, rugby etc) so you better believe they know about long-lasting materials.

Blk Box Fitness

If you need social proof to buy kettlebells even after reading this you’ll find a lot on their website but let me help you pick what you need bro. Cast Iron is the material of traditional kettlebells so the weight of the kettlebell may be off a little for a set bought on the same day but the idea I’m sure is to use them for home or office training. I’d recommend you take care as some textured handles can be a bit rough on the hands (generally) so you may want to get out some sandpaper or something. 

The next option still with Blx Box is their brushed steel competition kettlebells. These come in a standard size, unlike the cast iron kettlebells that just get bigger and bigger as weight increases. If you plan to train in this way long-term it’s a good investment and a bit more costly than cast iron but the price is made up for in quality and smoothness, going up to 40kg for both types. If price is no issue and you don’t mind kettlebells being seen too much I’d recommend the competition kettlebells. But if you’re a husband and/or father with family around while you train at home or you’ll be keeping them under your desk at work stick to 12-16kg cast iron kettlebells. They look great powder-coated, don’t cost the world and have good quality production skills, Blk Box is worth checking out.

BlkBox.instagram £31.99 (single 12kg cast-iron kettlebell).

Amazon Basics

Yes, we already know “Billi Billi” Jeff Bazos is getting his hands into a lot of pies. If you want some kettlebells fast and out for a real deal you should have a look at the current savings possible on At under £28 for a single 16kg kettlebell, you can’t go wrong. The extended horns and handle of this corrosion protected kettlebell may take getting used to and make some techniques harder to master, especially with slippery sweaty hands but you’ll find them long-lasting, especially if you forget them in the garden for a while.

Amazon Basics

The quality and price can’t be denied or played down although they don’t look as appealing as some of the kettlebells you’ll find on the website. The large array of kettlebells on sale just in the basic price range makes amazon a good place to start and as you progress with your training improve the quality you purchase. Amazon does not make competition kettlebells since the company fulfils the needs of the everyday consumer, if you want competition kettlebells you’ll want to head over to Blk Box.

You’ll find many reviews on this kettlebell, on the amazon website all pointing to the fact that they are good value for money. Not cool but clean, practical, convenient and you could have them in your home today!

Amazon £27.29 current price (single 16kg cast-iron kettlebell).


I won’t go into the brand of TRX and how it came about, (check my post “Road to PT’ing: Certified Suspension Trainer”) we’ll get into these durable and rubber-coated kettlebells. Working out at home, outside, in the park or office should be no issue with a powder-coated handle found on these smooth looking kettlebells. They are expensive but that would be expected just off the brand name.


Set to standard sizes these are for everyday use and not as competition kettlebells, they start from 4kg and stop at 24kg which may limit the user that focuses on this style of resistance training regularly. But it’s all 5-star reviews on the TRX website and 125+ thousand followers in the UK and Ireland, TRX knows how to design durable products. 

The price being no issue, looking for style with bankable quality you’ll win with a pair of these kettlebells if you stay between 12-20kg weight. If you move past that you’ll eventually have to find a new supplier if you want to progress your strength and/or size while resistance training. The Cyber Monday deal for these kettlebells ends soon so hit the website and get a win if these are your fit.

TRX £37.95 (single 12kg cast-iron kettlebell).


There are many brands to choose from all offering variety which is good. Finding the kettlebells that suit your living or working environment is important to keeping training. What you pick will say only a little about the person you are, it’s the hard work and training that you get in with them that will speak louder and longer, I presume. Kettlebell training is fun and can be a group experience if you so choose; It takes time to get good so pick something you like!

Our Kettlebell training programmes run for 3 months at a time. You’ll get comfortable with their use and have a great experience. If group training is your thing look out for our Online Group Kettlebell sessions streaming live, weekly. Send me a message for more details – contact details in the main menu.

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